France – Domaine Nudent

About the Winery



Domaine Nudant is an historical domaine for Burgundy and over 6  generations
have been working there.  Now the domaine is run by Jean René and his son, Guillaume.

André the grand father was a pioneer because with the vintage 1976, he decided to use no herbicide,to go back to the Plowing to Insure the work of the native yeasts.
The roots are going deep and express the terroir.  The Bourgogne Pinot noir is coming from a vineyard between Aloxe corton and Ladoix; iron in the soil and some clay.



A rich wine. It is age in oak barrel for 14 months, in their cold cellar.  It is ” old vines” which mean  over 50 years.  The characteristic of this wine is black  fruit aromas, also the spices (pepper, blond tabacco).  Associated with BBQ,  chicken, ham and charcuterie…  Many good tasting notes with gault et Millau, Dussert gerber…
The domaine is a leader of the independants growers



Domaine Nudent Rouge

Dry Red wine:  100% Pinot Noir:  Full bodied wine, with deep ruby color and fruity cherry taste.  Hand picked and sorted.  Oak aged in 2 year old barrels.  Wine is non filtered to maintain the complexity of  the wine.  Vineyards are over 50 years old.  Organically grown grapes.  The vineyards have not had any herbicide or pesticides for over 35 years.