France – Chateau Le Grand Moulin

About the Winery

Founded in 1904, the property was given the name “Domaine du Grand Moulin.”  With the construction of the winery at the end of the previous century, Gabriel Bruneteaux took the opportunity to build a lovely mansion in the heart of the property.  In the beginning of the 1980’s, the name was changed to “Chateau Le Grand Moulin.”  The great grandson Jean-Francois Reaud, replanted the available surface with noble vines, and modernized the winery.  Like his great grandfather, his primary goal in life is to produce great quality wines.  With a total production of approximately 15,000 cases, “Chateau Le Grand Moulin” is now exported throughout Europe and North America.


Chateau Le Grand Moulin is approximately 30 miles north of Bordeaux, between Mirambeau and Blaye.  The entire property is part of the Premieres Cotes de Blaye located on the right bank of the Gironde, facing great Bordeaux names such as Medoc and St Julien located on the left bank of the river.


The whole property now consists of 30 hectares.  One-third spreads out across a gravelled plateau favorable to the production of robust red wine.  The remaining two-thirds constitute a lighter soil combining sand and clay, which produces a more subtle, fruity red wine.  A few parcels offer a mix of sand and alluvium, which confers a freshness and aromatic flavor to the  white wines.





Chateau le Grand Moulin Blanc

Dry White wine:  100% Sauvignon; grapefruit, lemon nose; very long lingering taste; stainless steel aging; selected in the “Guide Hachette Des Vins”; small production.   “2016 Silver Medal Frankfort International Wine Trophy”, “Bronze Medal Vini du Sud-Quest

Chateau le Grand Moulin Rouge

Dry red wine: This intense dry red wine is composed of 70% Merlot, 25% Cabernet Sauvignon, and 5% Cabernet Franc.  The wine has a ripe, fruity taste with round tannins.  Various vintages have appeared in the Guide Hachette de Vins.  Received a “Silver Medal” in the “Concours General European”, “Gold Medal” 2015 Concours International de Lyon.  “Gold Medal” 2016 Gilbert and Gaillard.

Chateau le Grand Moulin Rose

Dry Rose wine:  Don’t let the appearance of this wine fool you. It is a wonderfully dry, fruity rose wine made of 50% Cabernet Sauvignon and 50% Merlot. It’s a refreshing wine that goes well with picnic foods and will be especially appreciated on hot summer days.  Received “*” in the Guide Hachette des Vins.  (Fewer than 500 cases are produced annually).