France – Chateau Famaey

About the Winery

Château Famaey is first and foremost the story of Luc & Marc, two brave Belgian Childhood friends, who shared the same dream: one of producing a wine issued from a rich ‘Terroir’ in the magnificent region of Cahors. This dream came true when they became proprietors of this 36 hectares vineyard, situated on the 2nd and 3rd Terraces of the Lot Valley. Then Maarten, son of Luc to whom the father’s passion has been passed on, joined the duo to take on the role of ‘Maître de Chai’. He collaborates with one of the best oenologist of the region, in the constant desire to seek quality and evolution.

This dynamic family-run business has earned the reputation of producing ‘Modern Cahors’, creating fine wines that highlight the fruit and fresh aspects of the Malbec grape, they have won many rewards and recognitions amongst National and International Media and Competitions.

Château Famaey, is also the story of a wineyard dating back to 1850.

The vineyard is made in total of 36 hectares of vines. Situated on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd terraces (river bank levels) of the Lot valley, our vines benefit from an exceptional terroir of clay and gravel soil with plenty of sunshine. The 1st terrace plots will produce our Vins de Pays IGP, whereas the plots situated in 2nd and 3rd terraces will give us the grapes to produce our AOP Cahors wines.  Here, the Malbec, a grape variety superbly adapted to our region, expresses all of its qualities.   Our years of experience and the obeservation of our soils have led us to vinify our plots and grapes-variety separately, in order to obtain the best possible results.

Our vines, aged 35 to 65 years, make this a fully matured vineyard. Permanent care and respect for nature are key to our cultivation techniques. No chemical fertilizers are allowed to pollute our soils, which instead are worked and de-weeded using traditional mechanical means.  The yields are very carefully controlled in order to produce a rich, honest and authentic grape. The best parcels of the vineyard are harvested manually, turning the vendange (grape harvest) into a traditional celebration.



Chateau Famaey Malbec Traditional

Dry Red wine:  100% Malbec.  Deep ruby color.  Spicy with complements fo raspberry and dark fruit.  Supple, very round start with a nice structure and fine aromas that persist with a long, sweeping finish and fine ripe tannins.  Stainless Steel aged.  The true Malbec!!!!

Chateau Famaey Malbac Oak aged

Dry Red wine: 90% Malbec, 10% Tannat.  Dark ruby color.  Spicy fruits with notes of dark fruit and vanilla.  Oak aged, but it does not dominate the wine.  Rounded taste followed with a lot of body and complexity.  Fine tannins that make the wine very smooth on the finish.  This wine can be kept and cellared for many years.

Chateau Famaey Sauvignon

100% Sauvignon Blanc. Beautiful Brilliance.  Pale gold color. Intense floral nose.  A direct and lively attach followed by a stunning fruitiness.  Balanced, round, fresh, with a long finish.

Chateau Famaey Cuvee X Malbec 

Hand Picked old vine 100% Malbec. 2 years in new French Oak.  Deep Black with Ruby reflections.  Spicey with notes of torrefied wood mellowed with red and black fruits.  Violet and blackberry followed by candied notes.  A meaty wine with silky yet dense tannins deserving of fine quisine. Cellar or drink now.

Chateau Famaey Cabernet Sauvignon

100% Cabernet Sauvignon from Limoux Appellation.  Dark & Fruity. Supple harmonious tannins with volume and roundness.  Good with cheezes, roast beef and Pates. Drink within 4 years

Chateau Famaey Malbec

Fruity & Spicy nose.  Soft supple start evolving into a polished middle and a completely rounded finale.  Bursting with black fruit aromas yet the ripe tanins become seamless on the palate with the full-on red fruit flavor

Chateau Famaey Malbec Rose

Fresh cirus aromas to start, followed by red berries with a full pallet reminiscent of strawberries and cream.  Balance in mouth with great alliance between “gras” and acidity.  Vibrant finsh leaves the mouth fresh and clean.