Argentina – Carelli

About the Winery

Bodegas Carelli has been owned by the Carelli Family since 1943, when Santos Carelli planted the first vineyards with high quality grapes for winemaking. The third generation is currently participating in the project, under the direction of Santo’s son, Enrique J. Carelli, who continues incorporating new technology with the same entrepreneurial spirit of the founder. The winery comprises a late 19th century building by the famous Bromida-Yanzon studio, maintaining its original construction and country-house style, with high ceilings, wooden floors and ornaments and glass skylights, all of which create an intimate environment for visitors. The winery’s original capacity (890, 000 liters) has increased steadily up to 4,500,000 liters. Tradition and technology came together in Carelli: the winery has oak barrels, small epoxy-coated concrete tanks, as well as the latest temperature control technology. All of these conditions guarantee the traceability of every single wine lot. The winery is in the province of Mendoza, within the wine Argentina zone called Cuyo, at 34 degrees south latitude, where the best grapes are grown and harvested. At 2100 ft. above the sea level, the climate is like that of a desert area: average temperature of 19C with wide daily thermal differences. Most of the year (300 days) the sky is quite sunny, rain is scarce. Ground is irrigated by water coming from the melting snow of the Andes Mountains. Carelli’s vision is to be recognized as a remarkable winery that works on the basis of tradition, new technologies and a solid knowledge of enology, in order to present its wines to the world with the highest levels of excellence and quality. Carelli’s mission is to foster an efficient and sustainable winemaking process, promoting the development of our people and our community, under the principles and values of our family tradition: Respect for the Individual, Respect for the Environment, Effective Performance, Integrity, Social Conscience and Predisposition to learn and evolve.




Carelli 34 Sauvignon Blanc

Dry, Fruity White wine.  100% Sauvignon Blanc.  Delightful white wine of pale greenish color.  It unfolds citric aromas such as grapefruit and green tangerine, combined with tropical notes.  Its fair acidity and concentration make it a balanced and delicate wine.

Carelli 34 Torrontes

Dry, Fruity White wine.  100% Torrontes.  Yellow tones and steel tinges.  Aroma of white flowers perfume and tropical fruits that highlights the varietal expression.  Balanced acidity that gives fresh and floral character in the mouth with the feeling of wine harmony.

Carelli 34 Chardonnay  

Dry, Fruity White wine.  100% Chardonnay.  Pale yellow color with rich aromatic richness.  This wine is rich and fruity and lively with a full bodied taste.  Slow and cool fermentation allows for large extraction of aromatics and tannins.  This wine is an excellent aperitif as well as all meals and particularly fish and shellfish.

Carelli 34 Merlot

Dry Red wine.  100% Merlot.  Deep ruby red color.  Aroma of spicy cloves and fineness of pepper.  Sweet tannins with spicy notes with good intensity and finish.  Harmonic and elegant.

Carelli 34 Syrah

Dry Red wine.  100% Syrah.  Bronze Medal in “Argentina Wine Awards”.  Intense red ruby color.  Aroma of fresh red fruits and spices.  Delicate in the mouth, with elegant long finish with a hint of smoky and vanilla notes.

Carelli 34 Cabernet Sauvignon

Dry Red wine. 100% Cabernet Sauvignon.  Bronze Medal in “Argentina Wine Awards”.  Violet and ruby color.  Fresh aroma with hints of eucalyptus, pepper, complexity and presence of red and black fruits.  Taste of black pepper and sweet tannins, with a long finish.  An elegant and delicate wine.  “Silver Medal” at the Sommelier Wine Awards in the United Kingdom.

Carelli 34 Malbec

Dry Red wine.  100% Malbec.  Bronze Medal in “Argentina Wine Awards 2007”, Violet and ruby color.  Fresh aroma of plums and cherries.  Taste of plums and cherries at the beginning, giving way to presence of red and black fruits.  A fresh, elegant and delicate wine.

Carelli 34 Cabernet/Merlot Rose

Fruity Rose wine.  Cabernet Sauvignon 60% – Merlot 40%.  Delicate rosé wine of pale orange shades and flowered aromas that emphasize its freshness.  Explosion of fruity flavors which strengthen each other and last in palate. Its accurate acidity and concentration make of this wine a balanced and exquisite one.

Carla Chiaro Malbec

Dry, Red Wine.  100% Malbec.  It is kept in French and American oak barrels which give particular and unique features to this wine, being accompanied by the classical notes typical of this emblematic wine. Finally, bottles remain lie as much as it is necessary for the wine to fully achieve what the wine qualities and wood provide to its flavor. This is what makes a wine of great aromas, deep colors and long-lasting persistence and roundness in mouth.  Color: intense, with shades from purplish red to black.  Bouquet: good balance between red fruits and chocolate and coffee notes.  Mouth: the mildness of its tannins makes it special, long and with a slight liquor taste, but with a strong character.  2014 vintage “91 pts” Andreas Larsson.