We Do Wine Right.

When you see the Peerless Wine Selections name on the outside of a bottle, you can imagine an adventure inside. You may not be familiar with the winery name on the label because we focus on finding small domains off the beaten path that are truly dedicated to the craft of winemaking. The winemakers are the true stars—we simply act as the bridge to make their outstanding products available to you.

We select the wineries we represent carefully because our goal is to establish long-lasting relationships with them. We work together to bring you high-quality wines at reasonable prices. We visit the wineries each year to sample the new vintages, discover new products to delight our customers, and enjoy the camaraderie we have developed with the winemakers and their families.

We offer a wine for every palate:

  • Silky, dry red wines from Bordeaux and Burgundy
  • Heartier reds from Bergerac and the Loire Valley
  • Dry white wines that distinctly exhibit the characteristics of the grapes and terroir from Bordeaux, Burgundy, Bergerac, Languedoc and the Loire Valley
  • Semi-sweet rose and honey-sweet white wines from the Loire Valley and Bergerac
  • Sparkling wines from the Loire Valley, brut and demi sec
  • Great value reds and whites from Argentina

You can age some of our wines in your cellar for years if you like, but you can consume most of them when you buy them. You can serve our selections at elegant dinner parties or enjoy them sitting on your deck with friends.

Look for the Peerless Wine Selections name on the wine bottle to know you are getting a quality wine at a great price.